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Saturday, July 26th 2014

3:09 PM

NEW: Tyrant Deluxe Limited Edition Mask


Here's our new "Tyrant" Deluxe Limited Edition Mask from the videogame "Resident Evil", with very detailed design & painting, this mask is full over the head, neck and chest.

This is a limited edition release of 50 worldwide and all of the masks will be numbered and will be one of a kind, so the painting may vary.  

For more information:  fxcastudios@gmail.com


FXCA Studios


tyrant photo ty5_zps95da57c9.jpg

tyrant photo ty_zpsb69a62c0.jpg

tyrant photo ty2_zps33d9e37b.jpg

tyrant photo ty3_zps197c2bd1.jpg tyrant photo ty4_zps53b8f13b.jpg



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